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Executive Function Aid

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Magnetic Clock & Teaching Hands

The Magnetic Clock & Teaching Hands is a wall-mounted clock designed for children with neurological disabilities to learn how to tell time. The Magnetic Clock with Teaching Hands includes over 50 magnetic pieces to customize a program for a student’s specific needs, whether at home or in the classroom. Learning to tell time is broken down into manageable lessons as follows: 

Sensory Essentials Collection

The Sensory Essentials Collection is a collection of resources designed for children with sensory processing disorder to improve the child’s emotional regulation and behaviors, have smoother transitions, put an end to morning battles, reduce anxiety and see lasting results. The Sensory Essentials Collection has everything necessary to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to help your child today.

Teaching Emotions Toolkit

The Teaching Emotions Toolkit is a bundle designed for children with disabilities to learn about emotions as well as regulation. It contains all the resources users need to give children an emotion vocabulary, help them to better understand what they are feeling and what to do with those feelings. This toolkit gives intentional teaching of emotional intelligence. These resources are a non-threatening and fun way to improve their emotional IQ skills in the home or in the classroom. These activiti

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