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Timed Reminder Signal

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Private Practice Vibration Reminder Disk (Model 1173)

The Private Practice Vibration Reminder Disk, model 1173, is a timed reminder signal designed for use with individuals with cognitive disabilities. This disk, which can be worn inconspiculously on the body in the included skin Pouch-Patch, clipped on clothing, worn on a wrist strap, or placed in a pocket, can be set to vibrate every 30 minutes or every one, two, or three hours as a reminder to take medication, change position, or perform therapeutic activities.

Time Tracker Mini

The Time Tracker Mini is designed for preschool and elementary school students who have time management challenges as it helps children manage their time during school and home activities. Offers visual and auditory indicators with 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time. The Time Tracker Mini quietly counts down and when time is up, the colored light glows and the alarm sounds. Mute option available to mute sound and use only the light as an indicator. Warning feature signals a few minutes b

Urine And Turn Alert With Bar Graphs (Model 1096)

The Urine and Turn Alert with Bar Graphs, model 1096, is an incontinence alarm and timed reminder signal designed for use with individuals with severe physical disabilities and incontinence. The unit clips to the user's clothing and features a sensor which is placed where wetness is to be expected. When moisture is detected, lights flash indicating the time in 20-minute increments that the wearer has been unchanged. The unit also alerts caregivers in two-, four, and six-hour increments as to whe

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