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Tracheostomy Shower Shield

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Addvox Silicone Shower Shield

The ADDvox Silicone Shower Shield is a tracheostomy shower shield designed for use by individuals who have had a tracheostomy and breathe through a stoma. Made from medical grade silicone, this shield keeps the airway free of water. This device fastens around the neck, and it provides a seal along the contours of the neck and shields the stoma while vents on the underside allow air to flow. It is resistant to temperature, ozone, sunlight, soap and detergents.

Cover Up Shower Collar

The Cover Up Shower Collar is a plastic bib esigned to protect a tracheostomy or stoma in the shower. It is also for use during shampooing or shaving.The contoured fitting collar has Velcro closure that fits people who have necks that are between 9 and 19 inches in diameter. DIMENSIONS (WxH): 9 x 7.5 inches.

Shower Collar For Persons With Tracheostomy.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Protective collar allows tracheostomy patients to shower. Collar prevents water from entering tracheostomy and blocking air passage. Pattern for collar is drawn from Sansplint XR, a rigid, moldable splinting material resistant to shrinkage. Two measurements are required: 1) from just above the arch of the cricoid notch, and 2) the circumference of the neck from the outer edges of each ear. Collar is molded onto patient's neck. A trough is formed along

Stoma Shower Shield.

Shower shield to cover stoma. Velcro pad closure in front, band extends around neck.

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