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Voice Output Thermometer

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Digi-Temp (Model 1572)

The Digi-temp, model 1572, is a voice output large print thermometer designed for use with the manufacturer's Talking Sphygmomanometer (see separate entry). The digital thermometer features an extra- large display and is equipped with a cable that allows it to be plugged into the sphygmomanometer speech module. WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed: the unit may be returned in its original condition for a full refund within 30 days. A limited 3-year warranty applies thereafter. Repairs o

Ls&s Talking Indoor/outdoor Thermometer

The Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Users touch a button to hear the indoor and outdoor temperature spoken. Reading can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. LCD visual display can show either indoor or outdoor temperature. Has an alarm feature to signal if temperature goes above or below a set range.

Talking Digital Clinical Thermometer (Model He8842)

The Talking Digital Clinical Thermometer, model HE8842, is a voice output digital thermometer designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision. This thermometer automatically announces the body termperature when the measurement is done. Measurements may be made orally, rectally, or underarm. Measurements have an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.1 degrees Celsius. Other features include a liquid crystal display (LCD), memory recall of the last measured temperature, and automati

Talking Digital Thermometer

The Talking Digital Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for measurement of body temperature by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It also features a visual display and last-temperature memory. POWER: Uses batteries (included). OPTIONS: Thin disposable probe covers in packs of 100.

Talking Ear Thermometer

The Talking Ear Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for use by individuals who are blind or low vision. This device features an audible 12 memory recall, provides the temperature in celsius or Fahrenheit. It has one-button operation and automatic power off. Results are spoken within less than 5 seconds after the reading is taken. The unit comes with a hard cover case. POWER: Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Talking Fast Reading Digital Clinical Thermometer

The Talking Fast Reading Thermometer automatically announces a user's measured temperature within 60 seconds. It makes temperature-taking easier for users; and is especially helpful to the blind and those with low vision. Features include both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, as well as memory of last recorded temperature. Includes a protective cover. POWER: 2 AG13 batteries (included). DIMENSIONS: 5 inches length x 1.5 inches width. COLOR: Light Blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the ma

Talking Thermometer

The Talking Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for use by individuals with visual disabilities. This thermometer features voice-readout of the temperature and a large digital display. Temperatures may be taken under the arm, orally, or rectally and readings are accurate within .2 of a degree. Standard features also include memory recall of the last reading and automatic shut-off after seven minutes. POWER: Uses two 1.5-volt button batteries.

Talking Thermometer

The Talking Thermometer is a voice output thermometer designed for use by individuals who are blind or who have low vision. This oral digital thermometer features audio announcement and a digital display. The thermometer recalls the last measured temperature. The thermometer is equipped with talk and power buttons. POWER: Uses batteries (included).

Thermoworks Talking Digital Thermometer With Lcd Display

The Talking Digital Thermometer announces the temperature in a female voice at the press of a button and displays it in bold LCD digits on the easy-to-read display. Blind or low vision users find ease of use with the talking feature when reading the display is not an option. Numerous uses around the house include cooking, checking bath water, hobbies and gardening. The tapered tip reads in about 5-6 seconds. Includes protective probe cover with hanging clip. POWER: 2 AAA batteries (included). DI

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