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Leg Positioning Aid

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Dressing Band.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Dressing strap to hold the knee in at least 90 degrees of flexion so both hands are free to position and pull on clothing. Strap made of 2 inch elasticized webbing, measured to fit each patient, sewn into a loop then sewn to make a small loop for the foot. The other end loops around the thigh. COMMENTS: Intended to be used with a dressing stick. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Easton, L W; Horan, A L TITLE: Dressing Band JOURNAL: American Journal of O

Norco Leg Lifter (Model Nc94301)

The Norco Leg Lifter Assist, model NC94301, is a leg lifter and leg positioning aid designed for use by people with physical disabilities. The device consists of an aluminum rod and foothold covered with webbing. A hand loop is located at one end and a larger foot loop at the other. The lifter is covered with 1-inch wide, soft nylon webbing. The 10-inch loop foothold is bendable. DIMENSIONS: The rod is 22 inches long. The total length including hand strap is 42.5 inches.

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