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Rocker Shoes

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Clawson Rocker Shoe

Clawson Rocker wooden shoes. Constructed in two parts, an outer sole and laminated inner sole. Rocker sole acts as a fulcrum point over which the body weight is distributed. This allows the person to walk without lifting their legs as the usual ankle and knee flexion are not required. Available in closed toe, open toe (women's sizes only), with or without heel cap attachment or cross strap attachment. Mens sizes 8 thru 14; Womens sizes 5 thru 10 1/2. White, Navy, or Brown uppers. Questionnaire a

Dh Offloading Post-Op Shoe (Models 10340, 10341, 10342, & 10343)

The DH Offloading Post-Op Shoe, models 10340, 10341, 10342 and 10343, is a heel and foot protector designed for use by individuals with diabetes to provide relief for decubitus ulcers. This shoe has an active offloading insole for use in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and other plantar wound conditions. It accommodates the ambulatory and compliant patient for short-term treatment (1 to 4 months). It can be worn on either the left or right foot and can accommodate bulky dressings. The shoe has

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