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Back Support for Toilet

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Adjustable Rails And Backrest For Toilet

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable individuals with a variety of disabilities to use a toilet. The rails were made from discarded hospital bedheads and mounted to the existing metal wall clamps. The backrest was made from the pad of a telephone table and mounted to a piece of wood connected to two wooden clamps that fit over the rails. A T-nut on either side enables the backrest to slide backward and forward along the rails for adjustment to meet individual needs. A chest strap provides addit

Aquanaut (Model 180-00)

The Aquanaut, model 180-00, is a molded elevated toilet seat and back support designed for use by children who require extra support while toileting. This children's toilet seat supports children in a forward-leaning posture that promotes relaxation and helps them to function on the toilet. It has a contoured sitting surface which provides support for the hips and thighs and a child-sized opening which is narrower in front and wider in the back for ease in hygiene. The unit also includes a remov

Childsafe Toilet Supports (Models 4200, 4300, & 4400)

Torso supports for toilet, frame provides lateral support. Model 4200 is 8 1/2 inches wide adjusts 6 to 14 inch toilet seat to top yoke, for children. Model 4300 is 14 inches wide, adjusts 7 to 15 inches for adults. Model 4400 is 14 inches wide, and adjusts 8 to 16 inches. Fits all toilets, attaches under screws of standard seat. All steel construction. Velcro chest strap. Child size includes seat reducer ring.

Columbia Toilet Support (Models 4700 & 4800)

The Columbia Toilet Support, models 4700 and 4800, is a high-backed toilet support designed to provide head and trunk support for children and adults with balance disabilities. The unit has a full-length, height adjustable, high-impact ABS plastic back and a harness with a safety buckle. The support bolts directly to the toilet and the children's model, model 4700, includes a seat reducer ring. Model 4800, the adult model, sits 4 inches further back on the toilet seat than model 4700. OPTIONS: A

Columbia Toilet Supports (Models 4200, 4300, & 4400)

The Columbia Toilet Supports are back supports designed to provide lateral support to the torso of children, youth, and adults with disabilities which affect their balance when seated. The supports fit all toilets and attach under the bolts of a standard seat. The units come with a chest strap and safety buckle. The Child's model includes a seat reducer ring. OPTIONS: Armrest/footrest units and padded support cushions are available for all models. DIMENSIONS: Small or child's size (model 4200) i

High-Back Toilet Support (Models 6227, 6228 & 6229)

The High-Back Toilet Support, models 6227, 6228, and 6229 are height-adjustable back supports for toilets designed to provide trunk and head support for children and adults with physical disabilities while toileting. The chrome-plated steel and high-impact ABS plastic unit includes the back support, an adjustable harness, and toilet seat reducer ring. The contoured back provides trunk and head support for children and junior adults. Model 6227, the Child Support, is designed for children from sc

Pediatric Positioning Commodes (Models 5200 To 5800)

The Columbia Positioning Commodes are adjustable height commodes with back supports for children or small adults designed to be a freestanding unit or used over any toilet. The chair features a height adjustable footrest, seat height and depth adjustment, back tilt adjustment, and a pelvic strap. The non-slip, padded toilet seat reducer ring, included with the small model, features a small hole, especially designed for slender or young children, with a large padded splash abductor. A smaller hol

Shower/Commode Deluxe Chair

The Shower/Commode Deluxe Chairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. The commode chair is designed with a curved back that allows patient comfort and easier chair maneuvering chair is easy to clean and maintain. This device is reinforced with key stress points casters for extra safety health care grade PVC pipe and fittings won't rust or stain.

Super Deluxe Shower/ Commode Chair (Model 340)

The Super Deluxe Shower/ Commode Chair, model 340 is a shower commode designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. This commode chair features four interlocking seat supports, wide wheel base, standard safety belt (user removable), 7.5 quart pail that can be removed while the user is seated, and a hinged seat for cleaning. OPTIONS: Snap-on retractable, removable footrest; privacy skirt, open front toilet seat, removable padded transfer cushion, 4-inch twin-whee

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