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Cup with Holder

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Ableware 745740000 Ergo Mug-Blue

The Ergo Mug is an easy to hold cup has an extra wide handle and grooved gripping surface. A small finger rest opposite the handle allows it to be lifted with both hands reducing the risk of spills. Graduation markings and translucent plastic make it easy to see how much fluid is consumed.  

Anti-Spill Drinking Cup (Model F74547)

The Anti-Spill Drinking Cup, model F74547, consists of a drinking cup and holder that attaches to any flat surface with Velcro strips. The 8-ounce plastic cup features an open handle and a snap-in top with 1-inch wide hole for sipping. This top piece is reversible for use by left-handed individuals. The cup fits into the supporting well which has a disc of Velcro fastener hook material attached to the bottom. Two 1.5-inch strips of Velcro fastener loop material are supplied for attachment to any

Beaker With Holder & Lid

The Beaker with Holder & Lid is a cup with holder and spout designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or upper extremity disabilities. The cup is made of polycarbonate and has a polypropene holder with a large D-shaped handle. The polypropene lid is equipped with a spout. The cup is heat insulated and is suitable for hot or cold liquids.

Cups With Sleeve (Model H74600)

The Cups with Sleeve, model H74600, are non-breakable frosted plastic cups with a sleeve attached to it for inserting either pre-formed or flexible handles to assist individuals with limited manual dexterity or strength to drink independently. The handles can be shaped to fit individual needs such as two handles, one handle in the shape of a palmar cuff, etc. All components of the cup are dishwasher safe.

Etac Tasty Beaker with Holder and Lid (Model 80404042)

The Etac Tasty Beaker with Holder and Lid, model 80404042, is a cup designed for people with impaired sensibility or coordination. This item consists of a beaker, a beaker holder that insulates against hot liquid, and a lid with a spout. This ergonomically designed cup has a handle and a supporting edge that permits various grips. The Etac Tasty Beaker with Holder and Lid is dishwasher safe.

Hand Assist Cup Holder

The Hand Assist Cup Holder is a 3D printed cup holder designed for users with weak hand grip, ?hand contracture, or osteomyelitis. The hand assist cup holder has two large handles enabling ease of pick up and much greater control when drinking. It is designed to hold all sized coffee cups.

Independence One-Handled Clear Cup, Model 1455

The Independence One-Handled Clear Cup is designed to use by people with upper extreme amputation or disabilities. Is is made of translucent polypropylene to allow monitoring of hot and cold liquid intake. Lids are interchangeable among all beverage containers providing versatility and practicality.

Inglis Drink-Aide

The Inglis Drink-Aide is a cup with holder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or who have limited upper body movement. Designed to enable independent hands-free drinking, this unit consists of a 28-ounce insulated water bottle; a long flexible, vibration-resistant drinking tube; and a universal clamp. The clamp enables the unit to be attached to a bed, a wheelchair, etc. OPTIONS: Extra drinking tubes.

Maddak Pediatrics No-Tip Weighted Base Cup, Model F745940000

Maddak Pediatrics No-Tip Weighted Base Cup is a two-handled cup with weighted base and rounded corners which are ideal for pediatric use. It is self-righting even when released from a lying position. It comes with a clear plastic, dish-shaped lid with two holes to let fluid flow into the dish for drinking.

Modular Cup System

The Modular Cup System is a cup with a holder and a large handle designed for use by children and adults with grasping disabilities. The components of this system snap together in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of the user. This clear cup holds hot or cold liquids and comes with a holder, a T handle, and a U-shaped handle. OPTIONS: A lid set with a flat lid and a long-spouted lid and a set of three, two-ounce weights to stabilize the cup for users with tremors are available separat

Modular Glass Handle Hgelper

The Modular Glass Handle Helper is a do it yourself product designed to assist users with weak hand grip, hand contracture, or osteomyelitis. The glass grip device is designed to offer an opening for each finger so as to ensure better grip. It is fixed with Velcro on the glass and adjusts according to the opening of the hand and the size of the glass.

Mother's Third Arm

Mother’s Third Arm is an adjustable cup and bottle holder that can be used by children and adults with limited arm and grasping strength. The user is able to access cups and bottles held with the Arm’s adjustable Velcro strap. The Arm has an easy-to-use clamp and a flexible tube that can be positioned in a variety of angles. It can be attached to wheelchairs, tabletops, strollers or highchairs.

Simple Cup Holder For A Wheelchair

This do-it-yourself simple cup holder for a wheelchair combines the most practical components of each type of holder (hard shell and soft bodied). This new cup holder retains its shape while being used, has an opening wide enough to allow easy placement and removal of a cup, and has enough resilience to survive being regularly smashed into various hard objects. The individual’s cup that is used everyday is measured and the angle needed to hold it was determined and a simple pattern was created.

Spill-Not Cup Stabilizer (Model F74544-0001)

The Spill-Not Cup Stabilizer, model F74544-0001, is a drinking cup with a holder/base designed to keep drinks in an upright position and to avoid spills. The unit will hold an 8-ounce paper or foam cup or a drinking glass. The hexagonal base features a well to position the cup. It is molded of polypropylene and is autoclavable at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. DIMENSIONS: 3.25 inches across the flats of the hexagon; the well is 2 1/8 inches in diameter. COLOR: Bright yellow to provide increased visibil

Stress Less Drink Holder - 10 Pack

The Stress Less Drink Holder - 10 Pack is a set of drink holders designed for people who are blind or have low vision. It can be used in the home or office. This cup holder was created by a legally blind inventor to help himself and others prevent spilling beverages, and to live life more independently and with less frustrations.

Support de verre

The Support de verre (Glass holder) is designed for users with upper extremity, neurological, or mobility disabilities. The glass holder is intended to assist the user hold or lift the device. This makes it possible for the users to stabilize the glass with minimum strength.

Transparent Mug With Two Handles And Lid, Model 1256

Transparent Mug With Two Handles And Lid is designed for people with grasping and fine motors disabilities. Is made of clear, high-strength plastic with dual handles for a secure grip. It has wide base that helps prevent tipping. It comes with white spouted lid. Can be used with or without lid. Spout directs the flow of liquid.

Wheelchair Cup Holder

The Wheelchair Cup Holder is a wheelchair drink holder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This holder can be attached vertically or horizontally on the right or left side. Side opening enable the unit to accommodate mugs with handles.

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