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Lymphedema Pump

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Squease Pressure Vest Replacement Pump

The Squease Pressure Vest Replacement Pump is for users that use inflatable vests. The replacement pump is easy to connect to the vest and can be labelled with the user’s name. One size fits all vests. The hand pump features a safety valve, which limits the maximum pressure level and allows full pressure control. Squeeze the pump to inflate the vest and deflate the vest by pressing the air release button. Pump release valve allows the vest to remain inflated when the pump is removed.

Wright Linear Pump (Models Wlp-Ii, Wlp-Iii, & Wlp-Iv) & Wright Gradient Pressure Support Garments

Electrically operated sequential pneumatic system to reduce lymphedema. Three pressure bladders on an extremity inflate to programmed gradient pressures over a two minute period. The sequential compression at three different pressures (distal always highest) in the three cells " squeezes" excess fluid from the extremity into the lymphatic system, toward the centerr of the body. Timing sequence and pressure for each pressure cell is individually adjustable based on protocols for various disorders

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