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Cast Boot

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Cast Boot (Models 6000, 6060, 7000, 8000, & 8080)

The Cast Boot is designed to allow ambulation for individuals with lower extremity casts. They protect the cast from dirt, water, and degradation. These shoes feature a padded beveled sole to promote a normal walking motion and balance. Models 6000, 7000, and 8000 have vinyl uppers and models 6060 and 8080 have canvas uppers. The viny shoes are available in a choice of a closed toe, an open toe with a closed heel, and an open toe with an open heel;. The canvas shoes are available with either a c

Cast Boot.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Cloth boot to wear over a below knee cast to keep the exposed part of the foot and leg warm. Pattern for a warm cloth (pile or other warm fabric) boot to wear over a short cast. Calls for 1/2 yard of material and a 16 inch zipper. Includes instructions and photograph. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Kernaleguen, A TITLE: Clothing Designs for the Handicapped REF: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: University of Alberta Press: p 228-229 NARIC CALL NUMBER: R PAG

Cast Shoe

The Cast Shoe is a cast boot designed to protect casts and fracture orthoses with foot components from wear. The shoe features a padded sole, D-ring adjustment straps, and a closed heel. SIZES: Universal small, medium, large, and extra large.

Duro-Med Cast Boot (Models 6048, 6048V, & 6049)

The Duro-Med Cast Boot, models 6048, 6048V, 6049, is designed to protect the foot. The boot fits either foot and is washable. OPTIONS: canvas boot with full tongue (6048) and laces extending to the toe; canvas boot with Velcro (6048V); vinyl boot with Velcro (6049). SIZES: Small, medium, medium large, large and extra large. COLORS: canvas comes in white; vinyl is black.

Mor-Loc Rocker Bottom Cast Shoes (Models 60-010, 60-015, 60-016)

Mor-Loc Rocker Bottom Cast shoes are cast boots designed to offer support and protection for individuals who have a cast on the lower limb. They are made of canvas duck fabric or water resistant vinyl. They have a Duck inner sole and slip resistant rocker outer sole and 3 velcro strap closures. An open toe or closed toe model are available. SIZES: Infant, Small to Extra large.

Pediatric Cast Boot

The Pediatric Cast Boot is a cast boot designed for wear by children with lower extremity casts. This open-toed boot has a dual rocker bottom sole, stetchable weatherproof uppers, and hook-and-loop closures. SIZES: Seven sizes. COLOR: Neon pink, neon yellow, or navy blue.

Pediatric Cast Shoe

The Pediatric Cast Shoe is a cast boot designed for wear by children with lower extremity casts. This open-toed boot has a rocker bottom sole and loop closures. SIZES: Infant, toddler, juvenile, and young child. COLOR: Pediatric print.

Post-Op Cast Shoes (Models 6500, 6306, & 6308)

Vinyl open toe and heel upper, cushioned rubber sole. Available with laces at instep and heel, or Velcro fasteners.

Postop Shoe Splint

The Postop Shoe Splint is a cast boot with an open toe. The shoe is made of a 1/2-inch thick wood sole with a non-slip corrugated rubber tread and a comfortable foam inner sole. The upper is durable vinyl with velcro strap closures. SIZES: Men's and women's Small, Medium, and Large; fits both feet.

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