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Cast Protector

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Armrx Arm Glove

The ArmRX Arm Glove is a cast or prosthesis protector designed to protect upper extremity casts, prostheses, lacerations, surgical sites, or skin conditions from exposure to water while showering. These long, disposable clear polyethylene gloves extend above the elbow and are held in place by two adjustable hook-and-loop straps at the top.

Care Socks (Model Mwh01)

Care Socks, model MWH01, are socks intended for swollen foot problems. The sock is large enough to fit over a cast and is made out of 100% preshrunk cotton. SIZES: Medium/Large and Extra-large. WARRANTY: Unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Heeler, The (Model 53011)

The Heeler, model 53011, is an inflatable pillow designed to reduce pressure sores and skin breakdown associated with long periods of bed rest. Use of the unit may help to decrease pain by eliminating presure points, improving venous return from an extremity, and decreasing pain in the extremity as edema diminishes. The unit may be used to protect injured feet, ankles, lower legs or knees, hands, arms, and elbows. It may also be used as a cast protector. The Heeler consists of a rectangular

Seal Tight

Seal-Tight is a waterproof sleeve designed to protect plaster and synthetic casts, bandages, skin, prostheses, splints, and burns while bathing. These reusable bags have a watertight seat. SIZE: Adult and pediatric sizes available. COLOR: Clear.

Shower Shield

Plastic protector to keep cast and bandages dry during bathing or showering. Polyurethane. Adjustable gripper strip to seal opening. User applied and reusable. Youth or adult sizes for full leg or arm, lower leg or arm.

Shower With A Cast On

Cast protector. Keeps arm and leg casts dry while in shower or bath. Vinyl bag with neoprene and velcro closure. Large size, 15 by 46 inches fits all leg casts. Small size 10 by 33 inches fits all arm casts.

Showersafe Waterproof Cast & Bandage Cover

The ShowerSafe Waterproof Cast & Bandage Cover is a cast protector made of a durable, reusable and pliable plastic designed to protect casts, wounds, and bandages dry during showering or bathing. Nine different models are available for the Arm, Leg, Elbow/Knee, and Foot/Ankle. SIZES: Arm and leg models come in Small, Medium, and Large. Elbow/Knee model comes in Small and Large. One size fits all for the Foot/Ankle model.

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