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Body Restraint

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E-Z-On Modified Vest (Models 101M2 & 101M2/xxs)

The E-Z-On Modified Vest is a body restraint designed to enable children with a spinal injury, body cast, long leg cast, or hip spica to be safely transported in a prone or supine position. This vest restraint features adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate growth or heavier clothing, closure at the chest and waist, and crotch straps to help keep the hip strap positioned over the pelvis. The vest secures to the seat using the existing seat belts, which are threaded through the sides of the ve

Houdini Safety Sleeper (Series 3050)

The Houdini Safety Sleeper, series 3050, is a body restraint designed to prevent individuals with cognitive or behavior disabilities from exiting the bed unattended. This sleeved zipper-back jacket restraint features a strap between the legs to prevent sliding down in the bed and a roll-about waist strap enables the wearer to sleep in any position. The straps secure under the bed. Models are available in poly weave or in CooLine Mesh. SIZES: Both the poly weave and CooLine Mesh styles are availa

Posey Restraint Net (Model 8115)

The Posey Restraint Net, model 8115, is a body restraint for use with people with balance disabilities and other at risk for falls or who present a danger to themselves or others. This nylon mesh fabric restraint net holds a person to a bed or cot, extending from the user's neck to ankles. The Posey Restraint Net attaches to a bedspring frame with D-ring fasteners and quick-release buckles. It includes elbow, wrist and ankle restraints, and has padding at neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. It i

Wam Wrap Around Mat (Model 13-010)

The WAM Wrap Around Mat is a therapy mat designed to promote relaxation in a therapeutic setting or as a modality to assist in controlling individuals with aggressive behaviors. The mat produces a neutral heat when individuals with increased muscle tone are wrapped in the mat and gently rocked, resulting in muscle relaxation and vestibular stimulation. As a restraint the WAM may be used for behavior control and to prevent self-abusive injuries or injuries to others. The WAM is available with an

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