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Potty Training Switch

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Potty Training Switch

The Potty Training Switch is a moisture activated switch consisting of a moisture sensor and a cord with a choice of a mini or a submini jack. The sensor is taped to bottom of a potty chair and the cord is attached to a tape recorder. Moisture activates the switch which starts tape recorder to reward the child with music. The switch itself creates no sound. POWER: Uses one 9-volt battery (included). DIMENSIONS: The sensor is 1 x .25 x 3 inches and the cord is 6 feet long.

Potty Training Switch.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Battery powered device sensitive to moisture is modified to activate a tape player, light or toy to reward child during toilet training. Battery operated flood alert device is attached to a relay mechanism with 22 gauge conductor wire. Subminiature plug is attached to relay device and plugged into tape recorder, or other toy. Sensors are taped to the bottom of potty chair with masking tape. Includes diagrams. COMMENTS: Radio Shack stock numbers are giv

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