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Syringe Needle Guide

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Andros Insulin Dosage Monitor (Model 074300)

Andros Insulin Dosage Monitor, model 074300, is a syringe needle guide designed for use by individuals with diabetes who are blind or have low vision. The guide is a sturdy plastic strip that the physician snips off at a point on the scale that corresponds to desired insulin dosage. This guide is for use only with Becton Dickinson's ##8410 Plastipak U-100 disposable syringes. To self- inject, the user pushes the U-100 syringe lip into the Insulin Dosage Monitor's slot and draws the plunger back

Freestyle Precision Insulin Syringes

FreeStyle Precision insulin syringes are designed for personal use and serve many purposes, including flushing out tubing at the end of intravenous injections or for withdrawing secretions of blood or body fluid. The needle is lubricated for injection. Markings on the syringe help the user, nurse, or doctor, to prepare an accurate dose. The syringe is non-toxic, pyrogen-free, and latex-free. All FreeStyle Precision syringes include a protective needle shield and plunger cap.Syringe is nontoxic,


The Insul-Cap is a syringe needle guide and vial holder designed to aid people with diabetes and neuromuscular disabilities, tremors or others with unstable hands to load a syringe. This colored plastic screw-on cap is designed to be used with bottles of insulin, and it facilitate one-handed syringe loading. The cap has a narrow neck and a top that snaps on and off. The top is designed to fit most standard syringes. COLORS: Blue and orange.

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