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Extension Holder

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Comfort Pen (Model 16H139)

The Comfort Pen, model 16H139, is a writing aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities or limited hand and arm strength. Its shape and size allow a bent thumb grasp and prevent pressure points developing in the fold of the thumb. It also prevents straining of the forefinger. The pen can be filled with weights such as lead pellets or sand to produce weight variations.

Crossover Lever.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Allows a worker having use of left hand only to operate a device with its actuation handle placed at the opposite side from its former location. Actuation handles are typically oriented for the convenience of a right handed person. A bar was mounted on the handle shaft extending across the device to its left side. COMMENTS: For additional information contact: Leonard Anderson Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, Inc. 2021 North Old Manor Build

Deodorant Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Reach extender for a deodorant applicator. Deodorant applicator holder made of strips of aluminum (about 17 1/2 inches total) in three pieces, held together with three riveits and wood handle pieces. Includes drawings. COMMENTS: Developed by the Occupational Therapy Department of the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society, Vancouver, British Columbia. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. AUTHOR: Independence Factory TITLE: Make it Cheap: Volume 3 REF: Mid

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