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Modified Paint Brush

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Artist's Brush And Tool Handle Lengthening/widening Technique.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Methods of adapting artists' paint brushes to make them wider or longer for easier use by persons who hold them in the mouth. Describes three methods: taping a brush to a dowel of the desired size; inserting the brush into a drilled dowel; joining the ends of a brush and a dowel in a plastic tube. Includes drawings. COMMENTS: For further information contact developers: National Institute on Art and Disabilities, 551 23rd St., Richmond, California 44804

Artist's Brush/tool Grip Adaptation.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adaptations to artists' paintbrushes to make them easier to use for people with difficulty in gripping and manipulating. Describes three adaptions: putting a piece of plastic tubing or plumber's pipe insulation over the handle; fastening the brush to a wooden dowel with a bolt and wing nut to allow adjusting angles; and putting the brush into a hole drilled through the diameter of the dowel. COMMENTS: For further information contact developers: Nationa

Jumbo Paint Brush Set

The Jumbo Paint Brush Set is a set of art tools designed for people with neurological and fine motor disabilities to develop color and shape recognition, fine motor and communication skills. Each set features four brushes with easy-to-clean, over-sized handles that make painting a lot easier for young artists and children still working on their fine motor skill development. The brushes are made up of durable, high-quality bristles to ensure they last through their art creations.

Super Squirt

Super Squirt is a switch activated liquid paint brush for wheelchair users and individuals with severe physical disabilities to use. The individual user attaches the squirt head and switch to the wheelchair, adds paint to the paint pack, and then presses the big red button. The paint pack hangs onto the back of the wheelchair. It can be used for interactive and experiential play.

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