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Forearm Cuff Tool Holder

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All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand

The All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand is a forearm cuff tool holder or grasping aid designed to help people with grasping disabilities, upper extremity disabilities or hand amputees to hold a variety of objects that have a narrow handle, including golf clubs, tools, brooms, mops, rakes shovels and paint brushes. The All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand is a long pocket constructed of heavy-duty fabric that is firmly attached to the user’s forearm by three straps that fasten with snaps. Five interchangeable, revers

Forearm Cuff.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Forearm cuff with one tool handle pocket designed to facilitate holding short-handled gardening tools. Instructions for constructing a forearm cuff with a tool handle pocket of canvas webbing, 2-inch rectangular rings, hook and loop velcro, leather or vinyl scraps and cord or shoestring. Lists materials needed and type of vendor, and includes diagram and drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Beems, J TITLE: Adaptive Garden Equipment: A Resource Man

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