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Coated Spoon

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Coated Utensils (Models 30943, 30944, 30945 & 30946)

The Coated Utensils are coated spoons designed to protect teeth, lips, and gums during use. The nylon-coated spoons are available in teaspoon, model 30943, long spoon, model 30944, soup spoon, model 30945, and tablespoon, model 30946, models. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants these products against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase.


DuoSpoon is an oral motor tool for children who need sensory support to eat. It is a mouth exploration tool which can be a bridge from soft to textured foods for children who have sensory challenges. Duo Spoon can also be used as an aid to help increase upper lip activity in food removal. It is made of flexible, yet sturdy silicone.

Finger Loop Utensils

Finger Loop Utensils are designed for people with arthritis and little or no grip strength. The user places a finger, or thumb, through the loop and stabilizes the utensil with the web of the hand. This configuration allows the hand to be placed in a natural position and provide greater leverage and support. The handles are dipped in vinyl for a comfortable and secure feel. Specifically made for left-handed individuals. Right-handed sets are also available.

Good Grips Coated Spoons

Good Grips Coated Spoons are spoons with built-up handles designed for use by children and adults with biting reflexes and limited grasping ability or coordination. These ergonomically designed utensils have large rubber handles and metal shafts with built-in twists to allow the bowl to be bent to the desired angle. Available in a teaspoon and a tablespoon (sold separately), the bowls of the spoons are coated in plastisol to protect the teeth and gums.

Nylon Coated Spoons

The Nylon Coated Spoons are coated spoons designed for use by children with tremors, upper extremity spacticity, or sensitive teeth and gums. The nylon coating increases the thickness of the bowls and protects the user's teeth and gums. The hand-washable spoons are available in a teaspoon, a youthspoon, and an infant spoon.

Oxo Tot Feeding Spoon Set

The OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set is a child's coated spoon designed for use with children with neurological or eating disabilities. Available in sets of two, this spoon is suitable for children six months and older and has a protective food-grade silicone coating that is designed to be gentle on a baby’s gums and mouth. The soft edges of the silicone can be used to scrape the last bit from the bowl or jar, or to gently wipe food from the baby’s face. The shallow spoon prevents feeding too much foo

Youth Weighted / Coated Spoons

The Youth Weighted/Coated Spoons are weighted spoons designed for use by children with tremors, biting reflexes, or grasping or upper extremity disabilities. These spoons have plastisol coating that increases the thickness of the bowls and help protect teeth and lips. The plastic vinyl handles are shaped to fit the fingers. Left- or right-hand models are shaped to turn in toward the center of the body. The utensils are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. DIMENSIONS: 7/8 i

Youth Weighted / Coated Spoons

The Youth Weighted / Coated Spoons are weighted spoons designed for use by children with tremors, biting reflexes, or shaky grasps. Available in a teaspoon or a youthspoon, these stainless steel spoons have plastisol-coated bowls to protect the lips and teeth and vinyl handles shaped to fit the fingers. The spoons are dishwasher safe. DIMENSIONS: The handles are 3.25 inches long x 7/8 inch in diameter. WEIGHT: Four ounces. COLOR: The handles are red.

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