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Folding Stocking Aid

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Butler Application Aid

The Butler Application Aid is a folding stocking and pantyhose aid designed to assist individuals with limited hand grip to put on compression stockings.

Etac Folding Stocking Aid (Model 2082)

The Etac Folding Stocking Aid, model 2082, is a stocking aid designed for use by individuals who have arthritis or difficulty bending. This lightweight folding aid is designed for use with long or short stockings, slippers or socks. The user slips the sock or stocking over the fabric frame, inserting the foot while using both hands to pull the cord handle to raise the stocking.

Folding Stocking Aid

The Folding Stocking Aid is designed for use by individuals who have difficulty bending. To use, the side wings are folded to the center of the device and the device is inserted in the sock and the user slides the foot in. Pulling on the wide web strap pulls the sock on. The pointed tip can be used a shoe horn. The device opens flat for storage.

Soft Sock Starter (Models 30001 & 30010)

The Soft Sock Starter, models 30001 and 30010, is a folding stocking aid designed to assist people with difficulty bending or other physical disabilities in the donning of socks or stockings. The user bends the soft, flexible, translucent plastic form into a tube shape, slips the sock over it, inserts the foot, and pulls the rope handle to draw the sock over the foot. Both models have a foam rubber pad on the underside to hold the sock in place. Model 30010 includes reinforcing grommets where th

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