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Toilet Flushing Aid

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Device To Flush Toilet

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a teenage girl with short stature to independently flush a toilet with a push-button flush mechanism. A long lever was fashioned that enables the user to operate both the full- and half-flush buttons. The device consists of a horizontal stainless steel rod housed in a stainless steel casing. At one end, the rod is fitted with a long, flat handle which the user is able to push. The other end of the rod is bent into a vertical position and the point, which is

Device To Flush Toilet

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized toilet flushing device for use by person with osteoarthritis. The adapted mechanism is designed to operate the two flush buttons easily. A mainly stainless steel frame, with three supports holds the frame in place just above the two flush buttons. The three supports are a commercial suction cup which fastens to the tiled wall behind the toilet, and two vertical legs made of small-diameter pipe, that sit on the porcelain of the cistern. Two hori

Electronic Toilet Flush Valve (Model 44-911)

The Electronic Toilet Flush Valve, model 44-911, is a toilet flushing aid designed for use by individuals with Alzheimers disease or cognitive disabilities who forget to flush the toilet, or by individuals with grasping, fine motor, or upper extremity disabilities. This electronic module can be used to retro-fit an existing toilet. When it detects the presence of the user, it enters stand-by mode. The toilet flushes when the user leaves the detection area. The unit also flushes the toilet automa

Toilet Flush Lever

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted toilet flush lever for an individual with multiple sclerosis (MS) and wheelchair user. Flushing the toilet was becoming increasingly difficult because a commode occupies the space on one side of the toilet and there is a wall on the other side, making it not possible to bring the wheelchair alongside the cistern. The user had to lean right over the length of the toilet bowl to reach the flush button from her chair. An adapt

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