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Pressure Wrap Garments

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Attends DermaDry Advance Brief

The Attends DermaDry Advance Brief are designed for use by individuals with urinary incontinence. They are designed to provide a The acquisition layer works in tandem with embossed channeling to quickly pull and direct fluid away from the skin and into the core. The briefs feature a triple-layer core that stays dry and maintains integrity through multiple voids.

Lymphedema Sleeve

The Lymphedema Sleeve is a pressure garment for the arms designed for use post-mastectomy, for blood poisoning, post-traumatical and post-operative edemas, tennis elbow syndrome, and severe burn therapy. The sleeve is available in light (20-30 mm Hg) or medium (30-40 mm Hg) compression. The sleeve extends from just below the shoulder to the wrist. This one-piece sleeve with gauntlet has a soft, sheer, and seamless appearance. It is also available as a sleeve and separate gauntlet. COLOR: Tan.

Presto Plus Adult Breathable Brief

The Presto Plus Adult Breathable Brief is designed for individuals with urinary incontinence. The brief is designed to absorb fluid and prevents skin dryness and odor control. Features Velcro tabs allow easy adjustment for a perfect and comes with gentle outer leg gathers that provide added protection.

Squease Jacket

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype pressure jacket therapeutic device for use by individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The SQUEASE jacket offers a haven for individuals with ASD providing a cocoon of comfort with fashion. This fashionable and with-it, the jacket allows the wearer to apply deep pressure to their body, so that they can calm themselves and get over the sudden rush of anxiety. A pair of integrated headphones reduces the sound level of high frequency n

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

The Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear is designed for users with urinary or bowel incontinence to be worn through the night. The disposable absorbent underwear holds over a quart of liquid for uninterrupted sleep. Features a full-rise waist panel for a proportioned and comfortable fit, blue leg elastics that ensure overnight protection, and tear-away side seams for easy removal. The absorbent underwear are made from a soft breathable material, allowing air flow.

Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diaper

The Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diaper is designed for users with urinary incontinence. The swim diapers are intended to be used for aqua therapy or any day in the pool. This disposable swimmates are designed to be worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for bowel incontinence. The blue moisture-proof barrier provides light urinary incontinence protection prior to entering the water. Inner leg cuffs help contain bowel incontinence, keeping the pool and bathing suit clean

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