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Soap Holder

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Angled Ergonomic Bath Sponges

The Angled Ergonomic Long Handle Bath Sponges are bathing aids bent at a 90° angle designed for users with limited mobility to help make reaching to wash the back easier for them and promote independent bathing. A person with limited shoulder motion will find it is difficult to reach the middle of their back when using a straight handle bathing sponge. The angled handle of this long sponge makes it easy for the round or contoured sponge head to clean hard to reach areas. The handle has a large b

Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Sponge

The Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Sponge is a long plastic handle and a soft bristle brush designed for those who have difficulty reaching and cannot bend to make bathing and washing easier. The comfortable grip handle enables a firm yet gentle hold for wet or dry hands. The handle can be bent and custom angled using warm water or low heat from a hair dryer. The soft yellow sponge is securely attached for making bathing easier. Non-returnable hygiene item.

Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand

Long Handle Soap Bath Sponge

The Long Handle Soap Bath Sponge is a long bathing sponge with a built-in soap holder. It is designed to help individuals with the use of only one hand or limited range of motion in their arms or shoulders bathe without having to hold onto a slippery bar of soap. To use, slide the sponge head with rubber backing off the handle, insert a bar of soap into the opening in the back of the sponge, and reattach the sponge head to the handle. The slightly curved plastic handle is ergonomically designed

Safe-er-Grip Soap Dish

The Safe-er-Grip Soap Dish is designed to make showering easier by keeping their soap within reach. This soap dish features drain slots to allow soap to dry, and two side hooks for holding razors. It can be easily installed, removed, and relocated with a single lever. It includes a suction cup for attachment and two hooks to hold razors.

The Miracle Shop Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch

The Miracle Shop Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch is a shower aid designed for individuals with arthritis or limited manual dexterity. The user can insert a bar of soap inside the mesh pouch and use it to wash and exfoliate him/herself without having to worry about letting the slick bar of soap slip out of his grasp. The stretchable mesh material will cover most soap sizes, and it has a drawstring cord with a spring loaded stopper to keep the bar of soap secured inside. The drawstring cord can

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