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Glass with Lid

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Independence Cups And Mugs (Models Psc51, Psc52, Psc53, And Psc55)

The Independence Cups and Mugs are cups with lids and large handles designed for use by individuals who have difficulty grasping conventional cups or who have drinking and swallowing disabilities. All models hold hot ot cold liquids and are institutional dishwasher safe. Each cup or mug comes with a feeding spout lid and a non-splash lid; both lids also accept standard straws. Made of polycarbonate, model PSC55 is a ten-ounce clear cup with a large inverted L handle. Model PSC52 has a standard m

Kennedy Spillproof Cup (K-Cup)

The Kennedy Spillproof Cup (K-Cup) is a cup with a lid and large handle designed for use by individuals who have difficulty holding standard drinking glasses. The lightweight plastic cup features a large inverted L-shaped handle for right- or left-handed use and a screw-on lid with a hole for disposable straws. The dishwasher-safe and autoclavable cup can be used in a reclining position, holds seven ounces of warm or cold liquid, and accepts any standard straw. COLOR: Natural or light blue.

Little-Spill Drinking Cup

The Little-Spill Drinking Cup is a cup with a lid designed for individuals with disabilities affecting swallowing and drinking. This eight-ounce frosted plastic cup is equipped with a deep-dished lid with two small holes designed to permit controlled flow of liquid during drinking and to prevent spills.

Spillproof Cup

The Spillproof Cup is a cup with a large handle designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This dishwasher-safe lightweight plastic cup has a screw-on lid with an opening for a straw that prevents spills even when turned upside down. The 7-ounce cup can be used for hot or cold liquids and features a large inverted "L" handle that can be used right- or left-handed.

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