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Custom Shoes

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KoolBoots are washable, customizable boots designed for individuals who use wheelchairs. They feature a full back zipper from the top of the boot to the ankle and two adjustable toggles (one at the top and one at the ankle) to help ensure that the boots stay on. The exterior is constructed of commander fabric, a water-resistant, breathable fabric made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The interior is lined with a quilted nylon fabric, and the soles are made of non-slip grip fabric.

Memory Foam Flip Flops

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps cushion painful feet that need additional support. Ear plugs are adhered to large sandals to make the foam flip flops. COMMENTS: Memory foam flip flops are an affordable option for someone looking for padded footwear.

No-Slip Slippers

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: No-Slip Slippers allow both children and adults to wear slippers without sliding or falling. To create the modified slippers, use A hot glue to create a small, striped pattern across the bottom of each shoe. Allow to dry. COMMENTS: No-Slip Slippers are designed for children, teens or adults who face coordination and balance issues while wearing slippers, as well as those who need extra support to stay stable and not slide while walking on hard surfaces

Shoe Covers (Set of 25)

The Shoe Covers (Set of 25) is a package of reusable shoe covers to be used by children with disabilities during painting activities.

Soft Star Shoes, Boots, & Moccasins

Soft Star Shoes, Boots, and Moccasins are custom child's shoes and boots designed for wear by children with lower extremity disabilities. The company makes custom shoes to the purchaser's requirements, allowing them to choose size, width, color, and closure. Available styles include classic leather with one-piece leather uppers and a choice of Velcro or lace closure; playtime leather with two-piece leather uppers in a choice of one or two colors and lace, Velcro or elastic closure; leather sanda

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