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Protective Enclosure

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Classroom Gate

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY PURPOSE: To enable classroom doors to be left open while preventing children with cognitive or other disabilities from leaving rooms without assistance. Made of pine for light weight, the gate is designed to fit the width of the door frame. The frame is made of pine lumber and vertical pine dowelling fills the center. The dowels are placed closely enough together to prevent children from getting their heads caught. Lift in/lift out hinge fittings are attached to the door f

D.I.Y. Toddler Bed Guard

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps prevent both children and adults from falling off a bed or couch while sleeping. PVC piping is utilized to make a side frame for a bed or couch. COMMENTS: The DIY Toddler Bed Guard is designed for individuals who move a lot while sleep, or have disabilities which cause them to make sharp movements which may cause them to fall. SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic construction (fine motor skills). AUTHOR: Mates, Trevor. TITLE: How to Make a Toddler Bed Guard. R

Kitchen Enclosure

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To prevent a child with developmental delays from entering a kitchen without supervision. The child's home had an open-plan kitchen which required a means of keeping the child out when unsupervised. A fence was constructed of pine with vertical bars spaced according to safety specifications to prevent entrapment. A horizontal bar across the top finished the fence. The fence is equipped on one side with a gate with a magnetic latch. One gate post was mounted on the bea

Kitchen Gate

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable an individual with mobility disabilities and the use of one arm to prevent a child from entering a kitchen. The unit comprises a frame made of pine, grooved out to provide a slot for a sliding plywood gate to slide through. The slotted gate replaced a clip closure that may have posed a pinching or trapping hazard to children The side of the unit that attaches to the wall was fixed to the skirting board so it could be removed when no longer needed and the ho

Reinforced Kitchen Gate

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To prevent an older child with learning disabilities from entering the kitchen unsupervised. An existing lattice gate that was not strong enough to deter a 7-year-old boy can be reinforced. The Gate was mounted on solid wood boards firmly screwed into both sides of the doorway. The lattice was renforced by a wooden bar mounted on a hinge on the same side of doorway to which the lattice collapses. The bar folds down onto the top of the closed gate and fastens to the oppo

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