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Drink Container for Wheelchair with Long Straw

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Drinkup Travel Lite

The Drinkup Travel Light is a wheelchair drink holder with a long straw designed for people who have lower extremity or mobility disabilities and spinal cord injury and grasping, fine motor, upper extremity, severe physical disabilities or upper extremity amputation. The Drinkup Travel light consists of a water bottle cage with a bracket so it can be attached to the backrest frame of a wheelchair. It has a semi-rigid flexible arm that extends upward past top of backrest and forward around to the

Fleximug Hands Free Dinking Mug

Fleximug® is a customized device designed for physical disabilities and paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, and Spinal Injuries, to help them drink preferred liquids from a custom straw. Patented air vent makes Fleximug® easy to use, and works well for people with mild-to-moderate reduced lung function. Fleximug® is suitable for individuals who can move their head freely to one side, and who have good lip control and suction. Easy-to-detach flexible straw stays put in any posi

Hydrant Cleaning Kit

The Hydrant Cleaning Kit is designed for individuals with limited mobility as a result of back surgery, neurological disorders, or spinal cord injuries. The cleaning kit includes a flexible spring wire with a nylon brush on the end for cleaning the hose, a large nylon brush for cleaning the bottle and a small nylon brush for cleaning the cap and mouthpiece.

Inglis Drink-Aide

The Inglis Drink-Aide is a cup with holder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or who have limited upper body movement. Designed to enable independent hands-free drinking, this unit consists of a 28-ounce insulated water bottle; a long flexible, vibration-resistant drinking tube; and a universal clamp. The clamp enables the unit to be attached to a bed, a wheelchair, etc. OPTIONS: Extra drinking tubes.

Mechanized Drinking Aid

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids in the inability to drink independently. A retracting arm, tubing, adhesive and a tennis ball make up the drinking aid which fits onto a wheelchair. COMMENTS: This mechanized drinking aid is designed for someone who has severely limited hand/upper extremity use (such as those with muscular dystrophy or ALS) and couldn't normally drink independently.

The Hydrant

The Hydrant is designed for use by individuals with limited mobility as a result of back surgery, neurological disorders or spinal cord injuries. Its goal is to allow individuals to independently reach for a drink without calling for assistance. The Hydrant's unique, one piece, cap/handle/clip attaches securely onto beds, chairs, wheelchairs, car seats, belts, rucksacks, bikes, desks, etc. giving the user instant access to fluids allowing them to drink at any time without assistance. The user

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