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Mechanical Transfer Lift

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Arjo Dextra

Adjustable mechanical patient lift. Sling and frame design accommodates all types and sizes of people. C shaped base, 715 mm by 810 mm, for passing through narrow doorways and access to bulky wheelchairs. Contoured, reinforced slings with built in head support connect at four attachment points. Machine washable. Polyester. Tilting frame allows for upright or reclined positioning of person in sling. Wide lifting range allows lifting from floor up to high bed. Patient is transported at chair heigh

Century's Lift Transfer System.

Patient lift with single belt lift mechanism, lifts and transfers persons in sitting position. Height 39 3/8 inches, width 21 5/8 inches, length 33 1/2 inches, weight 81 1/2 pounds. Lifting range 15 3/4 inches. Four 3 inch casters with locks. Optional model with expandable base, crank operated.

Easy Pivot Transfer Machine (Models Ep-100, Ep-100/dr, Ep-200, Ep-200/dr, Ep-300, & Ep-300/dr)

The Easy Pivot Transfer Machines are mechanical transfer lifts that duplicate commonly used standing pivot maneuver used for assisted transfers and eliminates need for weight support by an assistant. The user's legs are positioned against a padded knee retainer and the user leans over a cushioned chest pad. The assistant secures leg and shoulder straps and then pulls lever handle up to lift person to the transfer position. The user's feet and knees are stabilized as torso is raised to lift the b

Easypivot (Model 85 And 85/dr)

The EasyPivot, Model 85, is a mechanical transfer lift designed to assist in transfers from wheelchair to bed or shower for individuals who need total lift assistance, such as multiple sclerosis or spinal chord injury patients. This lift has dual lift handles which promotes good caregiver's body mechanics and reduces strain, helping to prevent back injuries. The patient places their feet on the base of the machine and then leans forward against the chestpad. When the patient is strapped, the car

Mobile Lift Systems (Model 80Xr & 60Xr)

Patient lifts. Mobile Sit Lift has ring seat with arms. Stretcher lift has headrest and footrest. Non-hydraulic mechanical lift mechanism for smoother lifts and ease of maintenance. U shaped base on casters. Optional scale available.

Multifunctional Sling Lift/transfer System (Model C3)

Manually operated sling/stretcher transfer aid. Tubular steel frame with polyester sling for seated transfers uses no chains; hand crank with screw jack to lift patient. Can transfer floor to bed heights. Options include: stretcher frame attachment for supine patients; electronic scale; seated sling with head support; additional sling $250.00. Overall height of mast 60.25 inches. Lifting range 34.25 inches. Maximum lifting capacity 350 pounds. Base: 39.25 inches long. Adjustable width 34 3/4 to

Portable Transfer Aid (Model Pta 1000)

The Portable Transfer Aid, model PTA 1000, is a mechanical transfer lift designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This portable lift uses a hand crank to lift and transfer the user. Caster wheels provide mobility. The lift's legs can be placed either straight ahead or spread apart for transfers, or folded in for storage. When folded, it fits in the trunk of a car without disassembly and can be towed like rolling luggage. OPTIONS: Split

Rifton Hygiene Support Station

The Rifton Support Station brings dignity and convenience to hygiene care for people with disabilities. With the Support Station, even partially weight-bearing individuals can undergo hygiene care or a diaper change in an upright position making the process more dignified, improving access to clothing and skin, and eliminating heavy lifting on the part of the caregiver.

Rifton Tram

The Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed for the safety, convenience and dignity of both user and caregiver. Offering utility for less cost, the TRAM performs seated transfers and raises a user for standing and supported ambulation.

Splash! Mariner Lift & Splash! Hd

The Splash! Mariner Lift is a boat lift designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. It provides access to watercraft using a universal sling assembly with an a mechanical actuator, and is made with corrosion proof materials. The Splash! HD is a heavy-duty version of the Splash! with the same features and a larger lifting capacity. POWER: Uses a 24-volt rechargeable battery. CAPACITY: 300 pounds for the standard model and 375 pounds for heavy-duty version. WA

Transfer Hoist

The Transfer Hoist is a powered seat transfer lift designed to enable a person with a disability to transfer independently from a wheelchair to a bed. The device consists of a steel crane which swivels around from behind a bed. The crane includes an electric winch, a remote switch, and a harness. The crane has mounting points on the floor and the ceiling. The user fits into the sling-type harness, then operates the winch to be lifted and transferred. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Frank Hemi

Transfer Trapeze

The Transfer Trapeze is a powered transfer aid designed to allow the user to transfer from a wheelchair to a couch with the aid of an overhead trapeze. The motorized trapeze is suspended from a wheelchair-mounted frame. The frame consists of steel tubing and 1-inch electrical conduit tubing. The motor consists of a used car window motor, which is mounted underneath the seat of the wheelchair. The user grasps the trapeze and activates the mounted switch, which rotates the device 90 degrees and tr

Travel Lifter

The Travel Lifter is a mechanical transfer lift designed to assist in transfers from wheelchair to bed or shower for individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury who need total lift assistance. Designed to work with most types of wheelchairs, this lift is lightweight and compact for use while traveling. The person to be transferred leans forward against a padded support. Lifting is accomplished with a thigh strap below the buttocks, allowing clothing removal for easy toileting,

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