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Seat Support for Chair

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Custom Highchair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To provide a custom adaptation of a highchair for a child in a body cast who is unable to be “seated” in a conventional chair or highchair. This adaptation is can be built around any standard chair. The dimensions are determined by the child’s and the cast size as well as the chair type. The clamp arrangement in back means the adaptation is firmly held in place, yet easily removed with no permanent damage to the chair. The platform height is set so t

Firefly Goto Seat 1

The Firefly GoTo Seat is a lightweight, postural support seat that lets children participate in everyday activities such as grocery shopping, going to a park, or being in an area without a stable sitting surface.

Firefly Goto Seat 2

The Firefly GoTo Seat 2 is a lightweight, postural support seat that lets children participate in everyday activities such as grocery shopping, going to a park, or being in an area without a stable sitting surface.

Freeloader Child Carrier

The Freeloader Child Carrier is a child carrier designed with a seat designed specifically for young children to completely rest their legs through the use of stirrups for the child to alleviate stress on their legs while they are riding in the carrier. It can be used for children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Heart Defects, Traumatic Brain Injury, or who have limited mobility or physical disabilities. The sturdy child's seat is padded and features an open back t

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Leckey Waistcoat Support Harness

The Soft Touch Sitter is an adaptive seating product with a contoured head and lateral supports, designed to position and support a child's head and trunk into proper alignment. Made of a latex-free seamless material, Soft-Touch Sitters are peel and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids, and withstand cracking.

Movin' Sit Air Cushion

The Movin'Sit Air Cushion is an air flotation seat cushion designed to give the user a slanted seat base to promote proper sitting posture. This adjustable, wedge-shaped cushion is inflatable, washable, and portable. It also functions as a dynamic surface, with small, rounded protrusions on one side to create air circulation. The unit may also be used as a lower back support. It is inflated by mouth and easily adjusted for any chair or surface. DIMENSIONS: 14 x 14 inches.

Obus Seat

The OBUS Seat is a seat panel designed to relieve fatigue from the buttocks to the sacrum and to the lumbar and thoracic areas. The panel will support up to 75 percent of the body's weight and prevent the ischial tuberosities to sink into soft cushions. The coccyx is protected by a contoured buttocks frame with a cut-out seat depression. The device also protects the thighs with additional molded padding to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, help prevent swollen ankles and feet, and maintain pr

Seating Device For Multiply Handicapped Infants.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Simple seating device to hold mildly involved children positioned correctly in standard chairs. This describes a commercial device called "Baby Safe Sit" but the pictures are so well drawn that the device could be fabricated if it cannot be found in stores. It is designed to use with healthy infants from 3 months to 2 years of age. It is one piece with a high back for support, a padded seat, and a support flap that is positioned between the child's leg

Smirthwaite Box W Cushion

The Smirthwaite Box with Cushion is a sleeping support designed for children who need strict trunk and hip control. The "W" shape aligns the child's legs to prevent rotation and risk of dislocation.

Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

The Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit is designed for use by children with physical disabilities. The sitter kit offers proper seating positioning for children with mild to moderate physical involvement. It features a rigid base that provides stability and lifts the soft-touch sitter slightly off the floor. The close to the floor position brings children with special needs to the level of their peers while playing or during circle activities.

Special Tomato Soft Touch Liners

The Special Tomato Liners offer light support and comfort for your child with mild to moderate physical involvement. This product can be used to provide light structure for a child who may need additional back or trunk support. The liners are made from soft-to-the-touch materials that won't tear or puncture. The outer skin is impermeable to fluids and easily wipes clean. The liners can be taken from chair to chair (i.e. home, restaurants, airplanes, etc).

Teddy Tucker Infant Seat Liner

Teddy Tuckers Infant Seat Liner is a cushion support designed to work in most any type of infant seat. It is also designed to help support and cuddle the baby's total body and to protect it from hot or cold surfaces. This infant product is machine washable and is available in the following type of designer cushions: Teddy bear, panda, duck, lamb or clown. WARRANTY: If merchandise is received in damaged condition, a claim must be reported within five days from date of receipt of shipment.

Tummy With Mummy

The Tummy With Mummy is a foldaway baby & toddler seat with a built-in angled tummy-time platform. It includes a soft fleece mat and safety harness. An infant can use the seat for tummy-time play or to have more face-to-face interactions without lying on his or her back.

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