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Homework Folder

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To enable an individual with blindness or low vision to organize homework and other work. For students in primary grades, a two-pocket folder with paper fasteners down the center form the basis of the system. A plastic case with a zipper with holes to hold it in a binder is fastened to the center of the folder. Students place work to be done in the left pocket and flash cards or other small items in the case. When the work is complete, it is transferred to the right pock

Quick Link Pen

Quick Link Pen is designed for use by with students with handwriting or keyboarding difficulties or anyone who needs to take notes and summarize documents quickly and efficiently. Users can store up to 500 pages of text at a time. It is equipped with a touch screen, stylus and an icon based menu. It is used like a highlighter that does not leave a mark on printed material. It will also read stored notes aloud. The Quick Link Pen comes complete with an American Heritage Dictionary to provide ins

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