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Akros D.F.D Commode Cushion (Models 8164561 & 8174561)

Akros D.F.D Commode Cushion, models 8164561 and 8174561, is a commode seat cushion designed to provide pressure relief while toileting. The cover of this combination gel-foam cushion is made of Sure-Check anti-microbial fabric. The product is intended for users who use toilets, bed pans or commodes for extended periods. The submersible version (model 8174561) can be used with bath benches and shower chairs. DIMENSIONS (WxLxD): 17 x 16 x 1 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. WARRANTY: One year limited

Chailey Toilet & Toilet Shower Seat

The Chailey Toilet and Shower Seat is a collaborative design born from a special partnership with Chailey Heritage Clinical Services. Originally designed at Chailey and through close consultation with Chailey clinical specialists, this seat has been developed to provide an improved and functionally correct posture. The seat’s contoured design gives a child greater postural support and comfort. Its shape ensures the pelvis is held securely in a position that facilitates bowel movement so that e

Columbia Toilet Support (Models 4700 & 4800)

The Columbia Toilet Support, models 4700 and 4800, is a high-backed toilet support designed to provide head and trunk support for children and adults with balance disabilities. The unit has a full-length, height adjustable, high-impact ABS plastic back and a harness with a safety buckle. The support bolts directly to the toilet and the children's model, model 4700, includes a seat reducer ring. Model 4800, the adult model, sits 4 inches further back on the toilet seat than model 4700. OPTIONS: A

Columbia Toilet Supports (Models 4200, 4300, & 4400)

The Columbia Toilet Supports are back supports designed to provide lateral support to the torso of children, youth, and adults with disabilities which affect their balance when seated. The supports fit all toilets and attach under the bolts of a standard seat. The units come with a chest strap and safety buckle. The Child's model includes a seat reducer ring. OPTIONS: Armrest/footrest units and padded support cushions are available for all models. DIMENSIONS: Small or child's size (model 4200) i

Easyglide Walker Tips

The Easyglide Walker Tips are walker and commode tips designedd to facilitate moving a walker by individuals with mobility disabilities. These glide tips fit over the existing rubber tips on the rear walker legs. DIMENSIONS: Attach without tools to standard 1 1/8 inch walker leg tips. COLOR: Bright yellow.

Gray Tips

The Gray Tips are walker and commode tips designed for replacement of the worn tips on commodes, canes, or walkers. These tips are made of one hundred percent natural rubber and are metal reinforced for skid-resistant traction. SIZES: Aluminum and quad cane tips fit tips 5/8 inch in diameter. The cane tips fit tips 0.75 inch in diameter. The walker and commode tips fit tips 1 1/8 inch in diameter.

KCare Deluxe Bedside Commode


The Laborius is a portable commode and toileting supply kit for people with moderate incontinence and other disabilities that limit their ability to reach an accessible bathroom when needed. The kit was planned and designed for use in homes, hotels, outdoors and even in the homes of friends and relatives whose toilets are not handicapped-accessible. The kit includes screen walls to ensure privacy of the user, commode, kit for absorbing urine and feces, a button for summoning assistance, cleaning

Mushroomglide Tips

The MushroomGlide Tips are walker and commode tips designed to improve the maneuverability of walkers. These solid plastic tips fit most standard walkers and allow maneuverability of the walker on such surfaces as uneven concrete, tiles, and carpeting. INSTALLATION: Instructions ans mounting screws are included. DIMENSIONS: Models are available to fit walkers with 5/8-inch, 7/8-inch, or 1-inch inner diameter tubing.

Padded Toilet Seat Reducer Ring (Models 4960 & 4965)

The Padded Toilet Seat Reducer Ring is a child's toilet seat designed especially for slender or young children who may require extended toileting time. This non-slip, padded seat features a small hole and a large padded splash guard/abductor. The ring fits all toilet seats, both in home and institutional settings. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 14 x 15.5 inches. Model 4960 has an 8 x 7 inch hole and model 4965 has a 6 x 5 inch hole. COLOR: White. WARRANTY: One year full warranty against defects.

Pediatric Positioning Commodes (Models 5200 To 5800)

The Columbia Positioning Commodes are adjustable height commodes with back supports for children or small adults designed to be a freestanding unit or used over any toilet. The chair features a height adjustable footrest, seat height and depth adjustment, back tilt adjustment, and a pelvic strap. The non-slip, padded toilet seat reducer ring, included with the small model, features a small hole, especially designed for slender or young children, with a large padded splash abductor. A smaller hol

Shower Commode Chair Stabilizer

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with multiple sclerosis to transfer safely to and from a shower commode chair. During transfers at the toilet, the chair tended to move sideways. The rear casters were replaced with braked casters and a mechanism was created to secure the chair to the wall when needed. A wooden plate was secured to the studs in the tiled wall and an L-shaped steel piece with semi-circular atachments was hinged to the plate. The steel piece locks over the lower

Toilet And Support Rails

The Premier Care ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Toilet is designed for individuals who have mobility and balance challenges or severe physical disabilities. Is over 3 inches higher than regular toilets and has an elongated bowl which accommodates more body types and prevents messes. This toilet’s height exceeds ADA Standards’ minimum. Has a SOFTCLOSE seat and lid closes behind user, slowly and automatically after a slight push. Economically-friendly: uses less water.

Travel Commode

Walker-Commode-Shower Bench Tips (Models T40100 & T40118)

The Walker-Commode-Shower Bench Tips are walker and commode tips designed for use with most commodes, walkers, and shower benches. Sold in sets of four, these rubber tips are lined with a metal washer for longer wear. DIMENSIONS: Model T40100 fits items with one-inch shafts and model T40118 fits items with 1 1/8-inch shafts. COLOR: All models are available in grey or black.


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