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Pill Crusher

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All Metal Pill Crusher

The All Metal Pill Crusher is a pill crusher designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities. Designed to reduce pills to a powder, the unit has chrome die-cast components and a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant receptacle. Designed to be strong enough for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies, the device can be mounted to medication carts, counters, tabletops, etc. using the mounting base. Instructions are included. DIMENSIONS (HxL: 3 x 8 inches.

Economy Metal Pill Crusher

The Economy Metal Pill Crusher is designed to pulverize pills to a powder. This metal device has a metal spoon chained to the base. The pill is placed on the spoon and the spoon is set on the base. Closing the top handle crushes the pill. COLOR: Silver.

Ez-Swallow Combination Pill Crusher/pill Splitter

The EZ-Swallow Combination Pill Crusher/Pill Splitter is designed to assist persons with limited hand strength or arthritis to easily crush medications. The device has a surgical stainless steel blade that will not rust, and Lexan plastic grinding surfaces designed to give maximum crushing without plastic to plastic contact that can contaminate the medicine. A positive locking cap keeps the unit closed. A storage compartment is built- in with a friction cap to prevent pills from spilling out. Th

Ez-Swallow Pill Crusher

The EZ-Swallow Pill Crusher is designed so that persons with limited strength or arthritis can easily crush medications, vitamins, or food supplements in tablet form to facilitate swallowing them. The Pill Crusher will grind pills or tablets into a fine powser that can be mixed with liquids or solids. The manufacturer recommends the crusher for pediatric and geriatric patients; tube feeding individuals; isolation, intensive care units (ICUs) or ICN units; or for discharge planning. The device pr

Ez-Swallow Pill Splitter

The EZ-Swallow Pill Splitter is designed to quickly and safely reduce medications, vitamins, or any tablet into smaller dosages or smaller pieces for facilitated swallowing. The pocket or purse sized splitter features a stainless steel blade housed in a positive locking lid with a built-in storage compartment for tablets. The unit is cylindrical with a flip up top that houses the stainless steel blade. The bottom half of the cylinder has a diamond-shaped raised border to hold pills securely in p

First Crush Electric Pill Crusher

First Crush Electric Pill Crusher’s patented ‘Dual Action’ crushes and grinds pills, providing finer powder. Its full automation is designed to provide better staff utilization and reduction in the amount of strength needed to crush pills to reduce repetitive motion injuries by caregivers or patients.

Hand Held Pill Crusher

The Hand Held Pill Crusher is a pill crusher designed to assist individuals with limited hand strength, swallowing disabilities or arthritis to crush medications from pill(s) into powder to facilitate swallowing them. Made of heavy duty plastic, this device has a shallow cavity on one side of a hinge and a cylindrical protrusion on the other side that fits into the cavity. Handles extend from each part. Pills are placed in the cavity, and the user closes the handles to crush the pills into a po

Medi Crush

Pill crusher. Pill fits in paper cup on base. Push hinged handle down to crush pill. Available in chrome, stainless steel, or plastic models.

Medi-Crush Tablet Crusher (Model F75363)

The Medi-Crush Tablet Crusher, model F75363, is a pill crusher designed to allow individuals to take pills and tablets with water in powder form. The device should thoroughly pulverize pills with no loss of medicine. The crushing cavity accepts a 1-inch in diameter plastic cup (12 included) for easy retrieval of powder. The device is made of molded plastic with a satin-finish base. An enlarged handle is used to crush the tablets. DIMENSIONS: 9 x 3 x 3.5 inches.

Pill Crush

The Pill Crush  is designed for people who can't swallow or have difficulty crushing their pills and thus making it easier to consume it. The Pill Crush prototype is a portable medicine grinder that also functions as a syringe using a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer.

Pill Crusher

Pill crusher operates like mortar and pestle. Plastic. Unscrew top section, place tablets in base, put cap back on and tighten. Washable.

Pill Crusher (Model 3457)

The Pill Crusher, model 3457, is designed for use by people who are unable to swallow pills or caplets whole. The pill is placed in the container and the top is placed on the container; a twist of the wrist causes the pulverizing point on the top to crush the pill to a powder for mixing into food or liquids. A separate compartment in the top can be used for pill storage.

Pill Pulverizer

The Pill Pulverizer is a pill crusher designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities. Place any crushable pill in the jar and use the cap to crush the pill to a fine powder. The powder can then added to foods such as pudding, yogurt, or apple sauce.

Pill Splitter And Crusher

The Pill Splitter and Crusher is designed for use by individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills. Under the flip-up cap, this unit has both a pill crusher and a pill splitter. The cap/splitter section detaches from the base to reval a pill storage compartment. WEIGHT: One pound.

Power Pill Grinder

The Power Pill Grinder is a pill crusher designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities, limited hand strength or arthritis or individuals with the use of only one hand. This device is intended to eliminate the manual effort of crushing pills. The Power Pill Grinder has a power on/off button, two grinding cavities, a viewing window, and a removable top back cover. The user can insert one pill into each of the grinding cavities, and the pill(s) will be ground into a powder. The powd

Professional Pill Crusher

The Professional Pill Crusher, models 418 and 419, is designed to pulverize pills to a powder. Available in chrome-plated metal (418) or heavy-duty plastic (419) models, these crushers have a cup set in the base. A paper cup is set in the base, the pill is placed in the cup, and a second cup is placed on top. Closing the top handle crushes the pill. A set of 250 paper cups is included. OPTIONS: Set of 250 replacement paper pill cups is available. COLOR: The metal model is chrome and the plastic

Tablet Crusher (Model Ha-4132)

The Tablet Crusher, model HA-4132, is a pill crusher designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities. This grind mill for medicines has a screw top that crushes tablets into powder when it is turned. Spare tablets can be stored in a compartment in the lid. It can be carried in a pocket and is designed to be easy to clean. DIMENSIONS: 55 millimeters in diameter. WEIGHT: 71 grams.

Tablet Splitter / Shaver

The Tablet Splitter / Shaver is a pill splitter and crusher designed to enable individuals with difficulty swallowing pills to take medication. This hand-held unit has a built-in pill splitter and using the handle, which can be positioned for right- or left-handed use, causes pills to be shaved into a powder.

Tabtime All Shapes

The TabTime All Shapes is a pill splitter and pill crusher designed for use by individuals who take medication. The unit includes inserts which accommodate pills of different shapes for cutting. A pill crusher insert is also included. Storage space for whole or cut pills is provided.

Tabtime Pillmaster 2

Pillmaster 2 is a pill splitter and pill crusher designed for use by individuals who take medication. This device can cut, crush, and store tablets. The lid flips up to form a pill splitter and cutter. The base unscrews to become a tablet crusher, and there are two spaces in the body to store whole and cut pills. The design enables a teblet to be cut into halves or quarters and the crushing mechanism will crush a tablet into a fine powder for adminstration. DIMENSIONS: 9 centimeters high x 5 cen

Travel Pill Box With Cutter And Grinder

The Travel Pill Box with cutter and grinder is a combined pill organizer, pill crusher, and pill splitter designed for use by individuals with Parkinson's Disease and other disabilities requiring regular medication. This cylindrical organizer has a pill splitter in the top to cut pills into halves or quarters and a pill crusher in the base. The body has a two-section storage are for carrying pills. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 x 4.5 centimeters.

Ultra Fine Cut N Crush

The Ultra Fine Cut n' Crush is a pill cutter and crusher designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities who take medications. This device can cut, crush, store tablets. The base unscrews to provide a serrated crushing surface, and the lid flips up to form a pill cutter and splitter. There are four compartments within the base for storing medication and vitamins. Sliding out the tablet cutter section converts the device into a drinking cup.

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